Are you an indy player that is being ruled by PVP'ers?

Are you an PVP master, but stuck POS bashing all evening?

Join Brothers of the Dark sun Alliance...

"Spaceships are only pixels without Friends"

We are a EVE Online player alliance located in five 0.0 systems in the Detorid area. Currently looking for players of all types to join and have fun. Apply to Join us..

What we offer in 0.0

Spacecraft Repair

Did your navigation system shut down in the middle of that asteroid field? We have a station in system, we can repair any dings and scrapes to your spacecraft!


Belt ratting, Anomolies, Exploration, Mining, we have it all in our 5 rented nullsec systems.


Fancy abit of Roaming or even some Sov PVP - You can join with our Allies in T.B.I (The Brothers Inc.)

Manufacturing / Marketeering

We have our own station and we are making it the market hub of the area. Plus, why not get some of our minings in on the case. Build stuff!

We want YOU and your CORP... NOW!!!

Alliance Officers


Alliance leader

Lling Yang

Alliance leader and Founder


Leadership - Diplo


Recruitment Officer/Diplo

Jew Jitsu



Recruitment Officer

Why are you still reading this... JOIN US NOW!!!

Apply to join!

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